Electrical Vehicles Charging System in Parking Yards


  • Muhammad Zohaib Muhammad Zohaib HEC
  • Shahab Ahmad Khan The University of Lahore, Pakistan
  • Huzaifa Mehmood Khan The University of Lahore, Pakistan
  • Muhammad Mutaiyab The University of Lahore, Pakistan




Electrical Vehicle, Charging Station, style, international standards, SAE


This research paper discusses the design and implementation of EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging stations in parking lots. We consider several key factors when implementing this design especially for a country like Pakistan. We also discuss EV’s importance to environment in the coming age of technology and how it will benefit our society as a whole. International standards that are going to be used will also be mentioned when implementing the design primarily we will use the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard for designing our EV Charging System. We have explained in great detail regarding the methodology and working of our system from the Design circuit to the J1772 Plug that will be connected to the EV’s Charging module slot. The storage capacity provided due to the batteries enables us to store or supply energy to the electrical vehicle. It is to be noted that this research paper is derived from the works of others whom have been mentioned and credited and thus does not represent the effort of a single individual.




How to Cite

Muhammad Zohaib, M. Z., Khan, S. A. ., Khan, H. M. ., & Mutaiyab, M. . (2022). Electrical Vehicles Charging System in Parking Yards. International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology, 1(1), 4–11. https://doi.org/10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.13