Proprietress of Intelligent Political Systems


  • Muhammad Ahmed University of Gujrat, Pakistan
  • Zia Mohi U Din University of Gujrat, Pakistan



Artificial Intelligence, Politics, Proprietress


Artificial Intelligence is becoming most prominent aspect of technology in Finance, education, security, health, and everyday life. In this context, questions are being raised that how this technology can change political values, up to which extent AI can be applied and what are the reasons behind world implementing AI in politics with narrow hands? Upon launching of intelligent robots as public office holder, the ownership would be more important for security and sustainability. This stance needs to be outlook for an organized investigation of key proprietress components that may arise before or after artificial intelligent system mount in politics.  In  this  paper, we  established  specific  guiding  measures    for the  proprietors  of  AI algorithms to be executed as state office holders.




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Ahmed, M. ., & Din, Z. M. U. (2022). Proprietress of Intelligent Political Systems. International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology, 1(1), 19–21.