International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology <p>International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology (IJEET) is a peer-reviewed, scientific and technical journal<em>. IJEET</em> publishes high quality original scientific articles dealing with the use of analytic and quantitative tools for the modeling, analysis, design and engineering management in the engineering and technology disciplines. </p> <p> </p> Pakistan Association for the Advancement of Science en-US International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2958-3764 RF Communication based Wireless Industrial Control and Monitoring System <p>One of the most often used techniques in major companies is panel control instrumentation. Wires connect the instruments on the control panel, such as switches and monitors, to the CPU. With these cables, the processor sends measured variables to the control panel, and the control panel sends processed variables to the processor. During wet seasons, subterranean wiring can become clogged and cause data loss if not properly maintained. This could result in a faulty procedure. To get around this, radio frequency waves are employed to send the signal from the control panel to the processing plant. Personal computers are linked to level converters and RF transmitters in industrial control rooms. This research presents the design and implementation of a wireless RF-based industrial equipment control system. An electrical system can be powered by a button press, key turn or drawing the tiled rope on the body, depending on the industry.</p> Hasan Hasan Akhtar Nawaz Miqdad Abbas Muhammad Hassan Ishtiaq Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 1 1 1 3 10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.12 Electrical Vehicles Charging System in Parking Yards <p>This research paper discusses the design and implementation of EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging stations in parking lots. We consider several key factors when implementing this design especially for a country like Pakistan. We also discuss EV’s importance to environment in the coming age of technology and how it will benefit our society as a whole. International standards that are going to be used will also be mentioned when implementing the design primarily we will use the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) standard for designing our EV Charging System. We have explained in great detail regarding the methodology and working of our system from the Design circuit to the J1772 Plug that will be connected to the EV’s Charging module slot. The storage capacity provided due to the batteries enables us to store or supply energy to the electrical vehicle. It is to be noted that this research paper is derived from the works of others whom have been mentioned and credited and thus does not represent the effort of a single individual.</p> Muhammad Zohaib Muhammad Zohaib Shahab Ahmad Khan Huzaifa Mehmood Khan Muhammad Mutaiyab Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2022-06-28 2022-06-28 1 1 4 11 10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.13 Development of Solar Based Level 3 Fast Charging Station for Electric Vehicle <p>The attention given to the adoption of electric vehicle leads to the demand of fast charging technology adoption for electric car batteries. . The suggested structure for fast charging station can be adopted to charge numerous cars at a time. it is a simplest model of fast charging station based on renewable energy. design strategy and parameters to implement in MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation is performed in MATLAB Simulink to observe the charging characteristic of a battery to obtain a desired response.<br /><br /></p> Hira Memon Shahmir ul Islam Aman Mustafa Rajar Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 1 1 12 18 10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.14 Proprietress of Intelligent Political Systems <p>Artificial Intelligence is becoming most prominent aspect of technology in Finance, education, security, health, and everyday life. In this context, questions are being raised that how this technology can change political values, up to which extent AI can be applied and what are the reasons behind world implementing AI in politics with narrow hands? Upon launching of intelligent robots as public office holder, the ownership would be more important for security and sustainability. This stance needs to be outlook for an organized investigation of key proprietress components that may arise before or after artificial intelligent system mount in politics. In this paper, we established specific guiding measures for the proprietors of AI algorithms to be executed as state office holders.</p> Muhammad Ahmed Zia Mohi U Din Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 1 1 19 21 10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.16 Lean Manufacturing Practices with context to Senior Management: A Study of Manufacturing Companies of Pakistan <p>Organizations are nowadays focusing on utilizing the latest technologies to reduce the overall manufacturing costs without compromising on the product quality, and getting a competitive advantage. Lean principles are hence the mostly used manufacturing principles to get this objective of increased productivity by lowering the waste. Lean management and implementation is surely a complete team work as we can say, but is still majorly dependent on the senior management of any organization. This study goes with the purpose of investigating the criticality of the role of the senior or executive level management in the successful implementation of the lean manufacturing principles and how much difference it’s going to show with the current scenarios. The data has been collected by sending a questionnaire which has 8 statements, targeting on the critical success factors, to the top management of 50 automotive manufacturing organizations of Karachi. The lean manufacturing trend and the involvement of the senior management towards its implementation is being identified after critically examining the received feedbacks.</p> Saima Yaqoob Javeria Younus Maria Iruj Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology 2022-06-27 2022-06-27 1 1 21 25 10.57041/ijeet.v1i1.18