Analysis of Vulnerabilities in System by Penetration Testing


  • Sib tul Hassan Department of Computer Science, Abasyn University Islamabad , Pakistan



Cyber Security, Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, VAPT


Internet usage has been increase drastically in past decades or we can say it has become a sensation now days as internet business has built up its strong and vast network so their must need of security of the websites as well which has become a big challenge due rising in the use of internet. Vulnerability assessment and Penetration testing (VAPT) are two different techniques of assessing to analyze the vulnerability if a website these two programs two distinct results with in the same area of application.




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Hassan, S. tul. (2022). Analysis of Vulnerabilities in System by Penetration Testing. Pakistan Journal of Scientific Research, 2(1), 22–25.