Modern Trends in Manufacturing of Medium Voltage Switchgears


  • Sameeullah Chattha Electrical Engineering Department, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Syed Asad Hussain Shah Electrical Engineering Department, The University of Lahore, Pakistan



Power system protection, MV switchgear, Protective relays busbar


Switchgear is regarded as crucial equipment in networks that distribute electric power for protection. This is because it's essential to keep an eye on the switchgear's performance and condition and to carry out the necessary corrective maintenance on any equipment that might be causing issues. Numerous customers could be harmed by a single incident over time, and operational staff would be seriously risked. Before employing outages to shut down the system, many factors must be taken into account because they may increase maintenance costs and impair the users' access to electricity. Therefore, accurate switchgear status evaluation interpretation is essential for the early detection of potential failures. The production of MV switchgear is discussed in this study.




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Sameeullah Chattha, & Shah, S. A. H. (2022). Modern Trends in Manufacturing of Medium Voltage Switchgears. International Journal of Emerging Engineering and Technology, 1(2), 1–6.