Enhancing the Properties of Subgrade Soil: Investigation from the Highway Project





Subgrade, Soil, Coarse-grain soil, highway project


The present investigation focused on soil stabilization methodologies expected to improve the properties of subgrade soil while pavement building. The subgrade layer, located beneath the base or surface course of the pavement, often consists of weak soil that lacks the necessary strength to support pavement loading. Effective soil stabilization is essential to ensure long-term performance and reduce pavement distress such as cracking and rutting. Various soil stabilization methods have been explored, including mechanical, cement, lime, bitumen, electro-osmosis, thermal, and chemical stabilization. Researchers have investigated using different materials and techniques to enhance subgrade soil properties. The application of soil stabilization techniques in Pakistan remains limited, highlighting the need for further research and implementation in highway projects. This Study provides valuable insights into soil stabilization methods and their potential benefits for subgrade soil improvement in pavement construction.




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Shakir Iqbal, Hussain Ahmad Khan, Ihsan Ullah, Ameer Hamza, & Jawad Bashir Mustafvi. (2024). Enhancing the Properties of Subgrade Soil: Investigation from the Highway Project. Pakistan Journal of Scientific Research, 3(2). https://doi.org/10.57041/pjosr.v3i2.1058