The Decline of Wild Herbivores and Their Conservation in Pakistan-A Review


  • Muhammad Azhar Veterinary Officer, Punjab Wildlife and Parks Department, Government of Punjab, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan/Ph. D Scholar, Department of Veterinary Medicine, UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan



Pakistan, Herbivores, Conservation, Distribution, Wildlife


Wild ruminants play a crucial role in keeping ecosystems balanced worldwide. Pakistan, with its varied landscapes and environments, is home to a wide array of these incredible animals. Unfortunately, many of these herbivores are increasingly threatened by factors like habitat loss, poaching, and climate change, putting them at risk of extinction. Herbivores help maintain healthy ecosystems by influencing vegetation through grazing and browsing. This review examines the current status of some of the endangered and critically endangered wild herbivores in Pakistan, their global and national distribution, and the efforts being made to protect them. The article offers an overview of the diverse herbivore species found in different ecosystems across. These species, including the Markhor, barking deer, Marco polo sheep, blue bulls, musk deer, chinkara and others are not only vital to Pakistan's biodiversity but also have global significance.




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Muhammad Azhar. (2023). The Decline of Wild Herbivores and Their Conservation in Pakistan-A Review. Pakistan Journal of Science, 75(04), 780 A–790A.