System Design to Enhance the Efficiency of Power System Protection


  • Joshua Wang Institute for Telecommunication Research, University of South Australia, Australia
  • Syed Asad Hussain Shah Electrical Engineering Department, The University of Lahore, Pakistan



Protection, energy system, stability


There are several chances to enhance the effectiveness of power system protection with wide area monitoring (WAM). Some of these prospects and the driving force behind their growth are discussed in this essay. Monitoring the adequacy of relay characteristics, supervisory backup protection control, more intelligent and adaptive system protection, and developing a unique system integrity protection scheme are some ways. Because of the new issues facing the security of modern power systems, WAM presents the appealing potential for strengthening protection. It is getting more and harder to choose a relay which suits well for the loading circumstances and eventualities due to the increasingly diverse operating conditions of power systems. The oversight of protecting the backup help improve instrument for averting or reducing the scope of shutdowns since the malfunction of relays has led to the onset and progression of 70% of blackouts. Modern power networks are becoming increasingly interconnected and complicated, which has increased their susceptibility to large-scale disruptions and led to several recent shutdowns.




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Wang, J., & Shah, S. A. H. (2023). System Design to Enhance the Efficiency of Power System Protection. Pakistan Journal of Scientific Research, 2(2), 27–32.